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Early Victorian Fashion Plate - June 1839 The Ladies Pocket Magazine

Early Victorian Fashion Plate - June 1839 The Ladies Pocket Magazine

English Fashions and Novelties

London Public Promenade Dress - Foulard robe quqdrilled in two shades of lilac; the corsage is high behind, open on the bosom, and wrapping to one side at the ceinture. Demi large sleeves, ornamented with bouillons below the shoulder. Ceinture with floating ends of lilac ribbon. One side of the skirt is decorated with coques and ends of ribbon. Italian straw hat, the brim round and rather large, is trimmed in the interior with light sprigs of foliage, and a band of twisted ribbon. A full wreath of foliage, from which a few flowers droop upon the neck, decorates the crown. White cashmere shawl edged with ecru silk fringe, headed by a chef d'or.

London Evening Dress - The robe is pink and white shot pou de soie; the border is trimmed with three bias folds, each edged with a row of lace. Low corsage deeply pointed in front, drpaed en coeur on the bosom, and disposed in folds round the back and shoulders. Short sleeve corresponding with the trimming of the skirt, and terminated by a lace ruffle. The hair, parted on the forehead, and disposed in full clusters of ringlets at the sides, is decorated with a small crape scarf, and a sprig of gold flowers with green velvet foliage.

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