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Early Victorian Era Fashion Plate - June 1838 The World of Fashion

Early Victorian Era Fashion Plate - June 1838 The World of Fashion

Newest London and Parisian Fashions for June, 1838

Dinner Dress
Fig 1 - Robe of one of the new pattern foulards; the corsage half-high and pointed at the bottom, is trimmed with a lappel bordered with black lace; a row of which also encircles the waist, and descends en tablier on each side; the centre of the tablier is ornamented with knots of ribbon; breast-knot en suite. Manche a bouillons, the bouillons terminated with black lace. Pink crape hat, the interior of the brim profusely ornamented with blond lace, and the crown adorned with white ostrich feathers and pink ribbons.

Half-Length Figures - Evening Dress
2 - Rose coloured pou de soie robe; a low corsage and short sleeves, trimmed with blond lace; the hair disposed in ringlets at the sides, and a noeud a la Serpente behind is adorned with a golden arrow.

3 - India muslin robe, trimmed with white lace and straw coloured ribbon. The hair is ornamented with gold flowers, and white ostrch feathers disposed en gerbe.

4 - Lilac crape robe; corsage and Mancha a l'enfant. The hair is decorated with a wreath and gerbe of flowers.

5 - Lilac pou de soie robe; a square corsage, trimmed, as are also the sleeves with point de Paris. Coiffure a la renaisance, ornamented with gold clasps, and white ostrich feathers.

6 - Lemon coloured crape dress; corsage plisse, and tight sleeves, both trimmed with blond lace. Head-dress of hair a la Vierge, decorated with a gerbe of flowers.

7 - Morning dress of green pou de soie; corsage half-high, and pelerine a la Paysanne of the same material. Tulle cap, a round shape; it is trimmed with ribbons and floating brides of tulle.

8 - Evening Dress of India muslin; corsage plisse, trimmed with a lappel composed of two folds of muslin and a fall of lace. Short sleeves terminated by lace manchettes of a round form. The hair disposed in soft braids at the sides, and trimmed up in a low knot behind, is decorated with a ferronniere of fancy jewellery, and gerbes of white grapes with their foliage.

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