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Early Victorian Era Fashion Plate - June 1838 The World of Fashion

Early Victorian Era Fashion Plate - June 1838 The World of Fashion

Newest London and Parisian Fashions for June, 1838

Home Dress
Fig 1 - Jaconot muslin robe; a low corsage, tight to the shape, and trimmed with a pelerine mantilla of English lace. Short sleeve, tight at the top, but descending very full below the elbow. Apron of black gros de Naples, trimmed in a novel style with cherry-coloured ribbon. Small round cap of tulle, decorated with coques and floating brides of oiseau ribbon.

Carriage Dress
Fig 2 - The robe is one of the new foulards; the front is trimmed en tablier with a flounce, being narrow at the top, but increasing in width as it descends, and very deep round the border; the corsage half high, is draped in longitudinal folds. The sleeve full in the centre, and tight at top and bottom, is ornamented with flounces. Rice staw hat, trimmed with lilac ribbon and white feathers.

Public Promenade Dress
Fig 3 - India muslin pelisse robe, lined with pink sarsenet, and trimmed round the corsage and down the point of the skirt with bouillonnee; knots of ribbon are intermingled with it on the skirt. Demi large sleeve, also ornamented with bouillonne. White crape bonnet, lined with pink, trimmed en bonnet with tulle and flowers in the interior of the brim, and a ruche at the edge of it; knots of ribbon, intermingled with a tulle drapery, adorn the crown.

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