Thursday, February 24, 2011

Early Victorian Era Fashion Plate - November 1840 Godey's Lady's Book

Fashion Plate - November 1840 Godey's Lady's Book

Fig 1 - Robe of lilac plaid foulard - corsage, high, and fitting close to the shape. Bishop sleeves, trimmed at top with two ruffles. The front of the dress is ornamented with bows of the same silk as the rest of the dress. Bonnet of lemon coloured gros de Naples, with a new style of feather.

Fig 2 - Short cloak of black velvet, lined with white satin, and trimmed with white fur, blue or green robe with a very deep flounce. Gray silk bonnet - the brim is perfectly round, and very open, the interior is trimmed with flowers. Gray ostrich feathers. A white fur muff ought to accompany this dress.

Fig 3 - Hat of blue satin. The front is very small, and sits quite round to the face, nearly meeting under the chin, and the corners rounded off. A rich bunch of white feathers tipped with blue, droops at the left side, and small half-wreaths of roses are underneath the front. The dress is of pouz de soie. Manteau of brown satin, wadded, and lined throughout with silk. This cloak is cut like a loose wrapping gown, taken in at the waist by a band, and has loose sleeves cut on the straightaway of the material. The cape is cut out of a very large half square, rounded at the back, and the ends falling very low in front; it is caught up on the shoulders with long straps, and at the back is a capachin or hood, finished at the lower corner by a silk tassel. The facings are of blue satin of the exact shade of the lining.

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