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Early Victorian Era Children's Fashions - July 1855 Godey's Lady's Book

Early Victorian Children's Fashions - July 1855 Godey's Lady's Book

Fig 1 - Costume for a boy of twelve, plae buff trousers of light summer cloth, tunic of plaid poplin, a deep purple shade, "Wide Awake" hat.

Fig 2 - Lad's costume, white trousers, white Marseilles vest, cut so as to show the plaited shirt front, colored neck-tie, pale ash-colored coatee.

Fig 3 - School-girl's dress of pomona green barege, cut low in the neck, with a narrow yoke, and gathered into a belt at the waist; high chemisette of plaited cambric; small mantle of black silk; broad Leghorn hat, trimmed with rose-colored taffeta ribbon.

Fig 4 - Baby dress, for a child two years old, white cambric embroidery, the sleeves tied with blue ribbons; small drawn bonnet of white silk, tied with blue ribbon.

Fig 5 - Boy's dress, trousers of gray kerseymere, tunic of nankeen, with blue bands, small white linen collar.

Fig 6 - Fanciful dress for a boy from three to five years of age.

Fig 7 - Dress for a little girl from ten to twelve, skirt of crossbarred blue barege, white cambric spencer, with plaited frills. The arrangement of the hair is particularly graceful and becoming.

Fig 8 - Girl's walking dress of pink glace silk flounced, the jacket trimmed to correspond.

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