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Early Victorian Era Fashion Plate - August 1857 Godey's Lady's Book

Early Victorian Era Fashion Plate - August 1857 Godey's Lady's Book

Description of Steel Fashion-Plate for August

Watering-Place Belles
Fig 1 - Riding-habit. The skirt of rich myrtle green ladies' cloth, quite full, long, and plain. The jacket, or basque, is of white Marseilles or pique, and ornamented by pendant buttons of linen passamenterie. Cambric collar and undersleeves. Leghorn hat, with white plume. Straw-colored gloves, with narrow gauntlets.

Fig 2 - Evening-dress, for a young lady. Dress of pure white organdy or tarleton; the skirt full and plain, ornamented only by a broad plaid ribbon, laid on flat each side the front breadth, and seemingly a continuation of the bretelles of the same, which are united with the trimming of the skirt by a flat bow; large jockey sleeves, in a single puff, caught up by a bow, on the forearm; infant's waist, cut low and square, surrounded at the neck by a simple edging. Hair turned back lightly from the forehead. Gloves, bracelets, and a necklace, with pendent cross.

Fig 3 - Promenade dress. Robe skirt of barege or challie, the ground white, and the pattern stripes of blue. Deep basque, or jacket of white pique, ornamented with flat braid and buttons. Country hat, of colored straw, with blue ribbons.

Fig 4 - Child's dress of white cambric, ornamented by needle-work frills; bretelles of pomona green ribbon flowing over the skirt.

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