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Early Victorian Era Fashion Plate - April 1839 Ladies' Pocket Magazine

Early Victorian Era Fashion Plate - April 1839 Ladies' Pocket Magazine

Paris Fashions and Novelties

Paris Morning Dress - The robe is composed of drab-coloured Satin Egiptien, the corsage partially high, and descending in front in the heart-form; is trimmed with a row of Brussels lace, laid on with little fulness. The sleeves are disposed below the shoulder in longitudinal folds, and ornamented with two rouleaus; the sleeve is full from thence to the cuff, which is tight, and of a novel form. The front of the corsage and skirt is ornamented with a row of brown silk brandebourgs. The hat is gros d'Afrique, a light shade of lilac; the brim is quite round, very open, and rather deep; it is trimmed in a very light style in the interior with tulle and flowers; and the edge of the brim is finished with biais of crape, a drapery which also forms a curtain, and bands of crape adorn the crown, and a long curled white ostrich feather completes the trimming.

Evening Dress - Robe of rose-coloured figured damask; the border is trimmed with a fall of antique point lace, headed by two rows of ribbon disposed in reversed hollow plaits. Corsage a la Fontanges, cut low, trimmed round the top with a Berthe of antinque point, and a row of the same lace set on moderately full round the bottom, which is deeply pointed. A row of flat bows of rose-ribbon, placed close together, ornaments the centre of the corsage. Tight sleeve, the lower part covered with rows of ribbon, disposed in hollow plaits, and terminated by an antique point ruffle. A gold chate laine hangs pendant from the waist. The hair is disposed in ringlets at the sides, and a row open low behind; it is decorated with flowers and fancy jewellery ornaments. Turbans of white gauze, spotted with gold: the ends descending en voile, are bordered with gold fringe. Toque of violet velvet, ornamented with gold blond lace, a gold circlet, and white ostrich feathers.

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