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Early Victorian Fashion Plate - March 1852 Le Moniteur de la Mode

Early Victorian Fashion Plate - March 1852 Le Moniteur de la Mode

Description of the Engravings

1st Figure - Ball Toilet - Hair waved and ornamented with a crown of small parti-coloured tulips; it inclines to the Mary Stuart form on the head, and increases in size towards the bottom. Dress of taffeta wih tulle tunic and bertha. The body is ornamented with a bertha open in front, round behind; this bertha, of tulle in small puffs is trimmed with clouded Pompadour white ribbon, No 9. Tey are placed in such a manner as to enclose the ertha as if in a ring. The tulle skirt is also tucked up and held by Pompadour ribbons, No 16, which are set as if they raised it and held it in long loops. At the waist, these ribbons are plaited in with the plaits of the skirt. The tulle skirt is puffed in very small puffs. In the middle of the body are placed bows of Pompadour ribbon No 9. On the left side there is a beautiful fall of tulips with foliage; the silk skirt is studded wit bows of Pompadour ribbon, No 12.

2nd Figure - Dinner or Visiting Toilet - The head-dress is composed of blond, ribbon and white satin, velvet ribbon and white feathers, and is worn very backward on the head. The blond forms a round with scolloped edge covered with figures. It is gathered in the middle, and the gathers are concealed under a cross bow formed of two loops of velvet and two of white satin, two long ends of white ribbon (about 15 inches) hang down behind.
On each side there are two white feathers; the upper one is laid backwards, and the lower one comes forwards; from between the two proceed two velvet bows and a loose end. This little Pompadour cap is the same on both sides. The ribbons of the crown are No 12; those of the sides No 3. Dress of moire antique ornamented with narrow velvet ribbons, about three eighths of an inch wide. Body plain, high, opening in front, edged with two narrow velvets, the first three eighths of an inch wide. The opening is confined by five moire bands, each with a bow of the same. The sleeves, rather short, are bordered with five velvet ribbons. The skirt is trimmed with two series of velvets. The first begins six inches from the bottom and is composed of twenty rows. The second begins six inches above the other, and contains fifteen. The rest of the skirt is plain. The under-sleeves and habit-shirt are lace.

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