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Early Victorian Ladies' Dresses - August 1859 Peterson's Magazine

Early Victorian Ladies' Dresses - August 1859 Peterson's Magazine

Lilac Silk Dress, trimmed with flounces of the same, which last are themselves decorated with a narrow lilac flounce of a darker tint. Body high and plain. Waist round, with a band. Five large bows of lighter lilac in the middle and darker outside decorate the front. Sleeves wide and long, slashed open in front. The fullness at top and at the wrist is confined by flat plaits. The edge of the opening is trimmed with a flounce having a narrow one under it of a darker tint. In this sleeve there is a very full tulle sleeve ten inches longer than the arm so as to form puffs. A lilac gimp trimming fastened to four buttons on each side crosses the opening in zig-zags, through which the tulle is seen. A large tulle puff at the end terminates the sleeve. A bow like those on the body is placed at the top of the sleeve on the shoulder. The dress has three rows of flounces. The first, at top, consists of three flounces a nail wide. The second, three flounces about an inch wider. The third, four flounces, an inch wider still. These flounces are pinked in vandykes and slightly drawn. They have each a little under-flounce an inch and a half wide, also pinked and drawn much fuller than the upper flounce. These little under-flounces are sewed under the larger flounce, so as for about an inch of their width to be covered. Lace collar.

Walking Dress, with the fashionable Casaque, loose flowing sleeves, and skirt embroidered in front. This is a very beautiful dress for the sea-shore or springs.

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