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Early Victorian Era Fashion Plate - January 1839 Ladies' Pocket Magazine

Early Victorian Era Fashion Plate - January 1839 Ladies' Pocket Magazine

London Fashions and Novelties

London Carriage Dress - Pearl grey silk robe. Victoria blue velvet pelisse, the corsage quite high behind and tight to the shape, is rather open on the bosom, and trimmed with a very deep pelerine lappel of ermine, which descends to the waist, crossing a little at the ceinture, from whence a broad band of ermine descends down the fronts and round the bottom of the skirt. The top of the sleeve is arranged in folds, the remaining part descends large to the wrist, but the fullness is drawn in at the bottom under an ermine cuff. Canary-coloured satin bonnet, the crown placed horizontally, and trimmed with ribbon to correspond, and a white rose with buds and foliage; an open brim, the interior trimmed with blond lace and flowers, and edged with swansdown. Blue velvet muff, lined with blue satin, and trimmed with ermine and blue ribbon.

London Evening Dress - Pale pink satin robe, a low tight corsage pointed at bottom, and trimmed with a falling lappel bordered with white feather fringe, with an open heading of pink bands quadrilled. Double bouffant sleeves terminated by two falls of feather fringe disposed en manchette. A white and gold cord and tassels depend from the point of the corsage. The skirt is bordered with feather fringe. The head-dress is a chapeau a la Marie Stuart of white rep velvet; the crown is very low; it is trimmed with pale pink ribbon, and a sprig of white roses; the brim wide and low at the sides, but narrow on the forehead, is bordered with pearls, and trimmed on one side with a sprig of roses, and ends of pale pink ribbon.

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