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Early Victorian Era Fashion Plate - September 1855 Godey's Lady's Book

Early Victorian Era Fashion Plate - September 1855 Godey's Lady's Book

Description of the Fashion Plate for September

Fig 1 - Dinner or evening-dress of India muslin; the skirt has three flounces in large vandyked needle-work points. The corsage has puffs running from the shoulder to the edge of the basque, which is finished with needlework points to correspond, as are the sleeves. Sleeves in three full puffs, and two flounces, the second flounce terminating in a bow on the forearm; flat bows of narrow rose-colored ribbon are continued around the throat, and butterfly bows around the basque and sleeves. This is a pretty style for a white dress in any material, Swiss muslin, cambric, etc.; the bows may be of any color to suit the hair and eyes; rose color, blue, pale green, or violet are preferable. Hair in waved bandeaux.

Fig 2 - Child's dress, a skirt and spencer. The skirt is of fawn-colored silk, with bands of blue moire antique ribbon of graduated width; spencer of dotted Swiss muslin, without a frill. Sack of blue and white ribbon; blue cashmere boots.

Fig 3 - Dress of pink mousseline or cashmere; round waist and mousquetaire sleeves. The trimming is what is commonly called "moss," quite narrow, and an exact match; simple chemisette, and sleeves of cambric to match. Bonnet of Belgian straw, with meshes of narrow white and blue ribbon, and studded by white butterfly bows.

The baby speaks for itself, in carriage-cap and robe; and the tout ensemble of the group we do not hesitate to pronounce artistic, as well as in simple good taste.

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