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Early Victorian Children's Fashions - July 1857 Godey's Lady's Book

Early Victorian Children's Fashions - July 1857 Godey's Lady's Book

Juvenile Picnic Party
We have given nothing more graceful or seasonable than this charming group for many a day. The pretty garden-scene unites the merit of a lovely picture, with the accuracy of a fashion-plate.

Fig 1 - Little girl of ten. Dress of dove-colored challie; the skirt in four full flounces of moderate depth, relieved by a narrow black velvet (or at pleasure of the same shade as the dress) at a hem's distance from the edge; the basque and sleeves are flounced to correspond with a ruche of satin ribbon as a heading. Cambric collar and under-sleeves. Hat of green silk, mixed with black velvets; the inside cap has a few blush roses without foliage.

Fig 2 - Young lady from twelve to fourteen years of age. Robe dress of glace silk, the ground a pale green, with fine black bars; the pattern, broad black and white stripes in full contrast. Drawn bonnet of pale rose-colored silk and crape; full cap, with clusters of rose-colored ribbon loops.

Child's Dress - Blue cashmere, ornamented with turquoise blue cut buttons. Cambric chemisette, sleeves, and trowsers. Small hat, with a drooping plume.

Fig 3 - Party dress for a little girl from eight to twelve; the skirt of pale cherry-colored silk, with three rows of broad net fringe set on flat and plain; peasant waist of spotted muslin in plaits, over which is a narrow bretelle of the same silk as the skirt, with three rows of narrow black velvet, edged by a fall of fringe. Hair in short close curls, the reigning fashion of twenty years since readopted. The hair must be cut quite short, parted through the middle, from the brow to the neck, and rolled in large close tiers curls. There is something especially youthful and charming in this style of coiffure.

Fig 4 - Boy of four years old. Poplin walking-dress, with constellated trimming in black velvet ribbon and buttons. Leghorn cap, with a broad blue band.

Fig 5 - Little girl's street dress; the double skirt is a tissue, green, with a bar of black, the favorite contrast this season; basque of black silk, the jupe very deep, and with two plaits at the back; the corsage is perfectly plain; the bretelles narrow to a point in front and back; at the waist, and beneath this point spring the lappels, of the same, which are of the same depth as the jupe; the trimming is a pinked scallop, turned back on the material, and edged with ball fringe. This basque is also suited to older sisters for a home dress, and may be worn with any style of skirt. Bonnet of Leghorn braid and white silk; the latter material forms the crown, which is diced with black velvet ribbon.

Fig 6 - Infant's dress of cambric needlework; it has a bretelle waist, sash, and short flat shoulder-knots.

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