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Early Victorian Era Fashion Plate - September 1857 Godey's Lady's Book

Early Victorian Era Fashion Plate - September 1857 Godey's Lady's Book

Description of Steel Fashion-Plate for September

Fig 1 - Carriage or walking dress, of black moire antique, made with skirt and basque; the peculiar novelty is the arrangement of the velvet ribbon which forms the trimming. On the skirt it is placed each side the front breadth, a style which is gaining ground, and is called en tablier, or "apron fashion," to be literal in our translation, graduated in width. The sleeves and basque are trimmed to correspond; the sleeves being short, and finished by full frills of lace to match the collar. White crape hat, with a bouquet of drooping pansies.

Fig 2 - Dinner-dress, also suited to a small evening party. Dress of a delicate shade of blue silk, trimmed after the Louis XIII fashion, with falls of rich white lace and ribbon rosettes; the bretelles are edged with the same, and cross at the waist, forming graceful lappels. The hair is turned in a broad rouleau, behind the ear, and a narrow black velvet band studded with gold points or stars comes to a point on the forehead. Gloves, and broad gold bracelets.

Fig 3 - Carriage-dress, the material ashes-of-rose satin. It has a double skirt; the upper one, or tunic, being open in front, and finished by a Psyche fringe of silk, with pearl inwoven; rows of pearls also mark the lines of the corsage. Rose-colored dress bonnet, with a demi voile o blonde.

Fig 4 - Home-dress of grenadine, in broad alternate stripes of white and lavender. It is made very simply; the skirt having two rows of Psyche fringe, having the effect of a double tunic. The corsage is full, and fastened by a waist ribbon of pale green.

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