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Early Victorian Era Children's Fashions - December 1859 Peterson's Magazine

Early Victorian Era Children's Fashions - December 1859 Peterson's Magazine

Children's Fashions

Fig 1 - Dress for a little girl of about five years of age, of scarlet merino - The skirt has four tucks, not placed close together. The low body has four tucks in front, which is edged with lappels passing over the shoulders.

Fig 2 - Evening dress for a young girl of fifteen years of age - This dress is of lilac silk, with two skirts. The upper one is edged with three rows of scalloped ribbon, ut on above the narrow hem; the lower and upper rows are of white ribbon, and the middle row of the same color as the dress. The body is made with a sharp point in front, and trimmed with a Marie Antoinette bertha, with long ends, made of the same material as the dress, and trimmed to correspond with the upper skirt. The sleeves are trimmed with rows of ribbon like the berthe. A band, and bows of black velvet, and loops of pearl beads, compose the head-dress.

Fig 3 - A out-of-doors dress for a girl twelve years of age - The frock is of a Maria Louise blue merino. There is a side-trimming on the skirt, placed so as to look as if it fell back, and trimmed with a row of black velvet and black velvet buttons. A trimming to correspond with the skirt ornaments the body and sleeves. A bonnet of white satin, quilted, and trimmed with blue velvet.

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